CEO’s Message

Atul Chaturvedi CEO

Creating Agri Infrastructure, coupled with a dedicated Agri Rail network, is the need of the hour in our country. Increasing food grain production, shrinking land availability and acute shortage of labour is testing the limits of the already-stretched storage infrastructure available in India.


Adani Agri Logistics is proud to have established India’s first integrated bulk handling, storage & logistics system for food grains. Aimed at minimizing post-harvest losses and improving the operational efficiency, it provides seamless end-to-end bulk supply chain to Food Corporation of India. With state-of-the-art Silos and Rail terminals in major cities, Adani is contributing in a small way to ensure  food security in India. The Rail Infrastructure and Bulk Loading Facility developed for this project has set world class standards for the country. Bulk procurement at Adani Silo storage point is truly a paradigm shift in the way procurement happens conventionally. Besides maintaining nutritional quality of food grains, and reducing losses, Adani silo terminals have immensely benefitted all the stakeholders - including farmers, the Government, and the end consumers in the Public Distribution System. Its overwhelming success has led the Government to accept the model as future mode of storage and transportation of food grains.


Due to the success of this pilot project, the Government of Madhya Pradesh also invited public participation in setting up such facilities in the state. Maintaining its market leadership and pioneer status, Adani Agri Logistics won six projects in MP and made them operational in a record time of one year, thus benefitting scores of farmers, who deliver their produce in these silos.


Adani Agri Logistics  is committed towards building a robust and seamless warehousing and logistics system in the country.

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